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This research was approved by the ethics committees of Fitness Centers mixed up in analysis

This research was approved by the ethics committees of Fitness Centers mixed up in analysis

New script of one’s interviews used to be submitted to and approved by Federal Fee to possess Investigation Cover (Case , No. ). The knowledge confidentiality and you can anonymity out-of participants was protected. New told consent towards the interview and recording from verbatim are acquired immediately following full details about the research. To keep up anonymity, for each and every participant are recognized by a couple of characters of one’s alphabet, followed by their nationality (elizabeth.grams. DC Ukraine).

The outcome of the analysis and you may coding of verbatim of Portuguese and you will immigrant pregnant women match medical care during pregnancy in addition to traps faced in this phase of the lifestyle.

Health care in pregnancy encompassed, regarding the angle off immigrant and you will Portuguese users, five categories to your affective-relational, intellectual, technical-crucial and you may worry plan size, as well as get noticed in the Dining table 2.

The latest affective-relational aspect is actually regarding the connection of believe oriented between medical researchers about areas of treatments and you can medical and you will expecting women, to open dialog, the support, desire and you can focus obtained from all of these experts while pregnant, also to remember that they may believe him or her in any problem. All had been unanimous in citing that this measurement away from proper care try most significant in their eyes, because these they think vulnerable and you can insecure with this specific the latest standing. For immigrants, that it measurement is actually important if you are away from their house country and their help circle.